Samuel: Messiah, Prophet, and King

Jesus, our Messiah is definitely portrayed in the books of Samuel as prophet and king. These have always been two of my favorite Old Testament books. There is so much valuable information contained in these two books.  These two books were originally one, but they were later divided by the translators of the Old Testament (Septuagint). The books are named after Samuel, who presided over Israel’s messiahtransition to a monarchy ruled by a king. Samuel—part prophet, priest, and judge himself—was God’s instrument for choosing a king for Israel.

The books of Samuel cover a period of Israel’s history of approximately 100 years; from the end of the judges to the last years of David.  Some commentaries say Samuel wrote them, but that seems quite unlikely since his death is recorded in the books as well as events which took place long after his death. The purpose of the books of Samuel is to relate the establishment of the monarchy in Israel (how they chose their kings).

There are a number of prophecies in the books of Samuel about Jesus, which are fulfilled in the New Testament. Here are the prophecies in 1 and 2 Samuel concerning Jesus:

So who is Jesus in the books of Samuel? We see a portrait of Jesus our Messiah in His relationship to us as our Prophet who speaks words of truth, our Rock who provided us with strength and comfort, and our soon coming King.