My Inspired Journey

My inspired journey started when I was a little girl.  I’ve known the Lord for many years and have a thorough theological education including a Masters in Theology (Seminary degree). I love teaching the Word.

my inspired journeyGrowing up, I remember writing newsletters to pass out after church and I wrote a lot of poetry. I also kept a journal and as I was reading back through some of my journals I saw a pattern. Even when I wrote for myself I made it a point to be very encouraging; never negative. There is already too much negativity in the world.

As my inspired journey continued, I started blogging a few years ago just for fun; however, I was led to be more committed. God reminded me that I have a lot to share and have been blessed with the means and ability to affect the lives of many people through my writing. I speak and write by divine appointment.

So here we go.  I am pursuing my purpose with a whole lot of passion and hopefully, I am inspiring you to step out and do the same. I believe this is the season that many of you will start your own journey or strive harder to continue the journey you are on. I want to encourage the blossoming writers out there to write something every day even if it’s just a couple of sentences. Make this a commitment.

I read this quote somewhere recently:

“Don’t work 8 hours for a company then go home and not work on your own goals.
You’re not tired, you are uninspired.”

This changed my life. I was that person who came home from an eight-hour day and all I wanted to do was take a nap. Now I write.

I wrote my first book about four years ago for one of my kids who graduated from high school and was on her way to college. That book was called Don’t Be That Girl. I have now changed the format of this book to a devotional e-book. You can find it here  There is also a Prayer Journal which accompanies the book. 

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